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As you remember, a few days ago I told you all about the Petal Velvet Sunaway. I received this new sunscreen along with the Petal Velvet Powder collection from Althea Korea. I had already tried the Pink Lavender option and I was really interested to try the other versions too. So, let’s have a look today to this beautiful Petal Velvet Powder collection by Althea Korea.


Minimalist packaging from Althea Korea once again for all the three versions. The Warm Beige and the Translucent powders come in a small pink paper box while the Pink Lavender powder comes in a beautiful warm lavender patterned box. Same colors apply to the lid of the jars with pink for the first two powders and metallic lavender for the third one. As for the jar, is clear and very lightweight, chic and cute for any boudoir and travel-friendly as well.

Every powder has it’s own puff, a fluffy white puff quite thick with a pink satin ribbon. Once you move the puff, there is a sticker underneath, perfect to keep the powder into the jar when in move. (every time I use the powder I keep this sticker and I stick it again after the usage). The powders have the perfect travel size and being able to re-use the sticker I can avoid spreading the powder into my makeup travel bag. (Once the sticker can’t be used anymore I use just a small piece of tape) Although there is a plastic cap over the holes the sticker/tape keeps the powder in place. Brilliant idea!


Petal velvet powder/#0 translucent** $4.5

The Petal Velvet Powder is Althea’s very first own product range (Althea Exclusives) while the Translucent powder is this range’s first launch. It’s a classic translucent powder that is used either to bake or to set the makeup. It keeps the face free of shine and leave the skin soft with a satin, petal-like finish. The powder contains Althea seed extract, rich in antioxidants, which protects and hydrates the skin. Contains also Polyphenols which keep the skin protected from UV rays and Saponarin which repairs damaged cells and restores elasticity to aging skin. It’s suitable for all skin types and for all skin tones as well.

The powder is lightweight, I barely feel it in my face. It has a floral scent which I don’t dislike despite the fact being quite intense upon the first application. The white color blends out to invisible and minimizes the appearance of my fine lines (without settling into them). But this happens only if I use a small amount of it. I tried to use a little more and the result was disappointing as my face looked cakey. However, when only the necessary amount is used, the powder sets perfectly my makeup which remain fresh and matte while my skin remains hydrated without drying out.  As for the shine, although I have a dry skin my T-zone can be oily sometimes, depending on the weather condition or the temperature but the powder easily takes away any shine.

Petal Velvet Powder/#23 Warm Beige** $4.5

The second Warm Beige shade works exactly as the translucent. Has the same floral scent, sets the makeup and additionally is suitable for any skin tone and any skin type. It doesn’t provide a full coverage like a regular foundation would do, yet it gives me a light coverage.


Petal Velvet Powder/#Pink Lavender** $5

The newest Petal Velvet Powder is Althea’s 3rd anniversary limited edition #Pink Lavender version which offers a brighter complexion. With a mix of fine pink and lavender particles the skin looks bright and fresh. The powder contains lavender extract which soothes irritations and helps to repair the skin. Lavender is well known for it’s aromatherapy properties, relaxing and calming. Lavender smells amazing by the way! Another key ingredient is Glycerin, a humectant that attracts moisture to the skin, preventing dehydration.

The pink lavender powder is soft and lightweight and performs very well either used to bake makeup or to set the makeup. I have noticed that extra brightness that powder claims to offer under my eyes. My face looks smoothed and evened and my skin loves the lavender scent which is totally acceptable and fades away easily after blending. My makeup stays fresh and has a natural yes flawless, smooth finish. The powder absorbs any excess oil thanks to its sebum control formulation and gives me that matte finish I prefer, yet I can feel my face soft, silky and radiant.


Find the Petal Velvet Powder collection at Althea’s Korea website. Or, pair it with the new super light, moisture-filled Petal Velvet Sunaway and get 10% off the Petal duo

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