Five reasons crossfit is the best way to lose holiday weight

Five reasons crossfit is the best way to lose holiday weight

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So, the holidays are fast arriving and you know what that means? Yeah, you guessed it right! Fun filled activities with family, friends and colleagues. Indulging in everything that seems to have been kept away the whole year long. Lots of food and drinks literally beneath your nose thus gaining a few pounds is highly inevitable. Guess what, Crossfit is here to help you lose all that weight so let loose and have as much fun as wish.

The Crossfit philosophy employs intense commitment to a rigid work out lifestyle whose results are nothing short of impeccable. Here’s what makes Crossfit the best way to lose holiday weight:

Fully equipped gyms

The majority of Crossfit have all the equipment, accessories and space you need to perform appropriate strength training workouts. From squat racks, dumbbells, gymnastics bars, medicine balls and kettlebells to Olympic weightlifting platforms, rowing machines and ropes, every hardware you require to shed off those extra pounds is at your disposal in the gyms.

You have an experienced and supportive mentor

Mostly, people go to the gym like someplace they are supposed to show up religiously twice or thrice in a week. There is no strict work out plan and so, one goes with the easiest and least painful exercises. This, however, does not produce the best results seeing that training requires logical structure and orderly progression.

In Crossfit, things are totally different since once you get to the class, the instructor sees to it that you do exactly what you are supposed to do at the right time and also decide when is good enough for you to discontinue a certain type of work out. 


Quick and efficient workouts

At the start of your work out sessions, the instructors are patient enough to see that they don’t discourage you but with time, the workouts become intense and quick which makes them more efficient. Crossfit instructors can customize weight loss workouts to fit your abilities and specific needs.

For example, doing push-ups or pressing the dumbbell can be used to enhance the upper body strength instead of the barbell. Afraid of running? Don’t flinch because you can do the walk/ run combo or different kind of cardio like rowing. For super busy persons looking to shed off some weight, short workouts are available to keep your exercise on track.

Crossfit community provides social support

At Crossfit, it’s not only about getting you through those torturous works out sessions but also it provide a platform for you to share your experiences and progress with fellow Crossfitters. From the platform, you’ll also be able to see various Crossfit Survival tips. This helps you to stay in check and may also help improve accountability and consistency.

Crossfit pushes you to work harder than you can on your own

Most people hate being uncomfortable and would do anything to get off the discomfort as fast as they can, this mentality does not really settle at Crossfit. Although these workouts can get to dangerous extremes, the “no pain no gain” attitude of Crossfit is one of the reasons it’s highly effective. When you do a Crossfit workout, expect to sweat it out to fitness and a nice looking body.

Consistent Crossfit with proper modifications coupled with the proper diet, will definitely lead to positive changes to your body.

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