The top four qualities a shower head should have

The top four qualities a shower head should have

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Similar to the kitchen the bathroom is one area of a home that must be kept in good condition by ensuring that every item in it is functional and comfortable to use at all times. A lot of people spend some of their quality time in the bathroom either in the shower or to relieve themselves. This is why it is essential that when picking accessories for the bathroom, you need to choose the right accessories that are of high quality as well as durable.

One of the most commonly used accessories in the bathroom is the shower and for you to enjoy showering you need to have the right shower head. But when it comes to buying a shower head there are several qualities that should be looked at to ensure that you have the best. Here are four top qualities a shower head should have.

A type that complements your decor

When picking out a shower head it should complement other items which include the decor of your bathroom. There are different types of shower heads and different people have different preferences. Each unique piece offers you a great showering experience. While you may prefer to use the concealed ceiling shower head which is more elegant with no visible hangings other people will be comfortable with hanging and wall mount shower heads.

Simple installation process

Some shower heads have a complicated installation process compared to others so it is important to bear this in mind when choosing a shower head. If you are replacing your old shower head then it might be a simple process if you know how it’s done. On the other hand, newer designs might be more complicated and might require you to seek the services of an expert due to plumbing alterations. 


Long lasting capabilities

Durability is an important factor when choosing a shower head since they come in different materials. Some will last longer than others which will break after a few months of usage. You, therefore, need to choose a good material, preferably a metallic material which is finished with chrome for protection against rust. These will serve you for many years to come without requiring a replacement saving you some money.

A good design

Shower heads are available in a wide range of designs. While some are circular, others are rectangular and some are square. Sometimes the design can also be defined by the material used to make the shower head and it is therefore essential to look at the material first before buying the shower head. Materials can range from copper, chrome to plastic so choose the design based on your personal preference. However, you need to ensure that whichever design you choose matches well with your other accessories in the bathroom.

If you are searching for a shower head research that is for replacement purposes, it is best that you choose a design that is close to your old shower head. This will prevent the chances of buying a design which will not match the other items.

Many factors will determine your choice such as how much you spend on a shower head so choose well before buying. Do not just buy a shower head depending on its price so carry out proper research and compare the price against value. The AKDY is the king of minimalism and beauty and one of the best shower heads you will find.

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  1. Yiota
    December 29, 2018 / 1:22 pm

    We recently renovated our bathroom and it was such a lovely process to see all the old gone and all the new in!!! I chose a rain shower and it was the best decision ever!! My husband calls it ‘the 5 star hotel shower’ haha!!


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