Three tips to caring for your cat cave

Three tips to caring for your cat cave

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Owning a cat is definitely a joy. They may seem like fluffy little snobs, but the truth is, they’re so lovable and there’s actually scientific proof that they’re good for your health. If you’re a cat lover and want to give the best to your furry friend, then you might have already invested in a cat cave. It’s similar to a dog house, except of course it’s for cats and that said, you need to ensure it’s made from the finest materials that are comfortable and enticing. You don’t want your cat to ignore its cute little rest house, do you? Here are 3 tips to caring for your cat cave that you should know about:

Regular cleaning

Cat caves can be made from a variety of materials. If you’re going to buy outside, you’ll notice most of the cat caves are made from wool. 100% natural wool is the material of choice when it comes to cat boxes. It’s perfect at keeping our cats cool and it’s comfortable during summertime. And on winter, wool has the ability to keep us warm and toasty. Its soft and snuggly texture also make it irresistible to our furry friends.

So how do you keep it clean on a regular basis? Sheddings, soil, dirt, and poop are just some of the things you need to address when taking care of your cat cave. But don’t worry, all you need is a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment. Shake off the cat box to let out any debris or litter crumbs your cat might have taken inside. And for the hair, just reach inside and vacuum it off using the brush attachment. That’s basically it and most of the time that’s all you need to keep the cave fresh and ready to be slept in. 


Spot Cleaning

Every once in a while you may notice stains or spots that wouldn’t come off with just vacuuming. It’s good to check at least once a week, and spot clean the surface as needed. For some common stains like dirtied water or small spills, using a damp cotton ball or a damp sponge will be enough to wipe the dirt off. Avoid using tissue paper or paper towels because they have a tendency to break off and the fibers may cling to the felt lining of your cat cave. If you’re using soap, make it a point to use mild or even fragrance free variants because cats are sensitive to smell. You may have cleaned its cave well, but if your cat ends up avoiding the nook because of the smell, that’s too bad. It’s recommended to use organic unscented soap for this purpose. After you’re done spot cleaning, just let it air dry and it’s all ready to go!

Keeping odor away

Because of wool’s natural ability to repel odor and dirt, your cat cave wouldn’t need major cleaning frequently. But in case of bigger accidents that cause not only some serious staining, but also persistent odor, you would need a different approach. If you come across your cat cave extremely soiled and smelly, the good news is you don’t need to throw it away. Just like on our first tip, vacuum off any hair or debris both on the inside and the outside of the cave. Then soak it in a bucket of sudsy water for an hour. Make sure to use mild and fragrance-free detergent for this. Using your washing machine, let it go on a rinse and spin cycle to get the soap and water out. Note that we avoided tossing the cat cave inside the washer because it’s not good for wool. Plus, excessive washing may cause it to lose its shape.

What are your tips on caring for your cat cave? Let us know in the comment section below.

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