What you Need to Work as a Firefighter: 7 Pieces of Equipment Essential to the Job

What you Need to Work as a Firefighter: 7 Pieces of Equipment Essential to the Job

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Fighting fires is a tough job. Just like superheroes of comics and the big screen, these brave individuals risk their lives to save others from devastating disasters and threats of all kinds. And just like a superhero, there are usually some “gadgets” that go along with all of that. As such, here are seven pieces of equipment essential to the job of a firefighter.

1. Fireproof Clothing

In keeping with the superhero metaphor from before, an essential part of any hero is the suit they wear. For a firefighter, this is equally true. Since they’re fighting fires, clothing that’s made to resist the effects of heat and flame are an invaluable tool in making it out of burning buildings safely. Clothes made from materials like Nomex are some of the most common options, providing resistance to burning as well as good durability overall (you can even find some for yourself at places like www.froutlet.com).

2. Axes

Axes are an invaluable tool for firefighters. Since their job often requires them to break through barriers in order to save people, the axe is the perfect tool for facilitating this in a timely manner. Smashing through doors, felling trees, breaking things open, and much more become viable options all in a fairly lightweight and easy to use package.

fire extinguisher.

3. Fire Extinguisher

While the popular consciousness shows firefighters using a hose attached to a fire hydrant or water tank (which is true enough), one of the firefighter’s most handy tools is a fire extinguisher. Just like in the ones in our own home, firefighters often keep these containers of fire-smothering chemicals on hand for smaller fires that don’t warrant the use of hoses. They’re also handy for clearing the way if a hose is occupied.

4. Pry Bar

Similar to an axe, a pry bar is one of the most versatile and useful pieces of the firefighter’s arsenal. Handy for opening doors, breaking through windows, prying or loosening stuff, and generating extra lift when moving heavy objects. They’re also extremely lightweight, making them easier to carry around than some of the other equipment a firefighter usually has on hand.


5. Helmets

Inside a burning building, you never know when something is going to collapse from the stress and damage of the fire. Combine that with the noise, chaos, and stress of the job and your perception of the things around you can narrow significantly. As such, helmets are an extremely valuable piece of equipment for shielding both the head and face of firefighters from things falling into them. Made from hard plastics or metals and fairly fire resistant themselves, they’ve done a substantial amount of life-saving themselves.

6. Ropes

The humble rope is useful to many people and professions, firefighters being just one of those. Whether it’s rappelling down into a hole, securing something, or any number of other functions, many firefighters make sure to carry lengths of rope on their persons as standard equipment. While it may not always find a use in every situation, it’s much better to have something and not need it than need something and not have it.


7. Medical Supplies

Fire hurts people, as do collapsing buildings, natural disasters, and any number of other situations in which the fire department is mobilized. It should come as no surprise, then, that one of the most important things a firefighter can have on them is medical supplies. Either kept on the truck or with a designated medic, basic first aid supplies as well as equipment designed to treat fire and smoke-related ailments are an essential tool for any firefighter.

Firefighters are heroic and selfless individuals who save countless lives every year. As hard of a job as they have now, it would be even harder were it not for these invaluable tools they carry with them into the inferno.

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