Turn a Passion into a Profession: How to Start Your First Dance Class

Turn a Passion into a Profession: How to Start Your First  Dance Class

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If you have a flair for dancing and extensive experience, you could potentially turn your passion into a career. While starting your own dance class will require a great deal of hard work and effort, it can also be incredibly rewarding.
Not only will it allow you to earn a living from your dance skills, but you will also enjoy watching people master your moves. If you believe this could be the perfect career for you, find out how to start your first dance class.

Gain the Right Qualifications

If you are an aspiring dance teacher, you’ll need to gain the appropriate qualifications to teach your first professional class. For example, if you plan to teach dance lessons in public schools, you must complete a teacher education program. However, if you want to launch dance classes at a private studio, a bachelor’s degree program in dance education in a must-have, as this can improve your technical, choreographic and performance skills.

Find the Best Location

Many existing dance studios and gyms might be more than happy to allow you to rent out a space, especially if your style of dance fills local demand. All you must do is reach out to a studio or facility to pitch your dance class idea. turn-passion-into-profession-how-to-start-your-first-dance-class

Acquire Fitness Professional Liability Insurance

Regardless of whether you plan to teach Zumba or dancercise, you’ll need to acquire fitness professional liability insurance. It ultimately protects an instructor’s career should they face a potential lawsuit, which could happen should a participant experience an injury or develop a condition following your dance lesson. Find out more at Insure Fitness Group.

Advertise Your Classes

You’ll need students before you can start teaching your first class, which is why you must market your upcoming lessons. For example, you should:

  • Hang flyers in a facility or studio’s lobby
  • Add your class onto their events calendar
  • Place an ad in a local newspaper or magazine
  • Advertise the class on an online classified website
  • Encourage your loved ones to spread the word
  • Market the dance lessons across social media


Get in touch with various dance studios and teachers near you to tell them all about your upcoming class. Networking with other hard-working professionals in your industry could help you build a strong client base and generate a great deal of support. You could even recommend a referral system. For example, if you have students who want to master different dance styles, such as hip-hop or ballet, you could recommend them to an instructor, and vice versa. turn-passion-into-profession-how-to-start-your-first-dance-class

Provide Students with an Incentive

Encourage people to sign-up for a dance class by providing them with an incentive. For example, you could offer a trial lesson for free. If people enjoy it, they’ll be more likely to hand over their hard-earned cash the next week. You could even provide students with a free lesson for every ten they attend.

Ensure Your Students Have Fun

Ensure your students feel excited for a dance class by making each lesson as fun as possible. For example, offer a diverse mix of songs and turn up the music. You also should keep your students motivated by providing them with compliments on their dance moves or offer constructive feedback, so they can work hard on perfecting a dance move or style.

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