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A pampering skincare routine it’s never complete without a mask. And although there are so many different kinds of masks in the beauty world, these two words, 24K and Gold, make this mask tempting and quite interesting to try. As an Althea Angel, brand ambassador for Althea Korea, I was sent the Piolang 24K gold wrapping mask** to test and review and here is everything I have to say about this amazing face mask. 

From the website: Piolang 24K gold wrapping mask

Give your skin the royal treatment with this peel off pack from Piolang! This gorgeous mask contains 99% pure gold to exfoliate dead skin cells, brighten and improve the elasticity of the skin, giving you a youthful glow worthy of a princess. It’s also made with moisturizing ingredients that prevent flakey dry skin, so you’ll be left with supple, smooth skin. Ready to go for gold? We sure are!



The mask comes in a black with gold letters box and the glass jar is also black with gold letters. There is a spatula in the package but I found that the best way to apply the mask is to use a small flat brush. It has a strong scent but nothing that I can’t stand.

Key Ingredients

The first basic ingredient is the real 24K gold which purifies the skin and improves blood circulation, while makes the skin looking healthy and vivid. Contains also snail extract which moisturizes the skin and encourages the regeneration of the skin cells to lighten scars and smoothen it.  Another key ingredient is the seaweed extract which thanks to its rich vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants protects the skin from environmental pollutants. The mask is suitable for any skin type.


How to apply

As any other peel-off mask I applied the 24K gold wrapping mask on my dry/not wet, clean face. I applied a rich layer and waited for about 12 minutes. The mask changes color, as once it gets dry becomes really golden. I peeled off then the mask easily, starting from my chin and moving upwards, as I followed the brand’s suggestion.

My thoughts

Having sensitive dry skin I was a little bit skeptical in the beginning. But after using it 4 times until now (twice during the last two weeks) any concern disappeared. Neither the intense scent or any preservative (which unfortunately the mask contains) caused any irritation to my skin. Actually, I noticed that my skin looked brighter every time I used it, I guess the real 24K gold offers a bright glow to my skin.


The mask is also moisturizing and so I felt my complexion hydrated and fresh. I didn’t see any skin-lifting result though. In fact, I don’t think any mask could offer a facelift after 4 or even 5 and 6 times of usage but I have to admit that my skin looked bouncy and radiant every time I used the mask and my skin’s elasticity improved.

In overall, the Piolang 24K gold wrapping mask is a product I like using and definitely, I would re-purchase it with my own money. Works wonderfully for my dry skin and I love the instant glowing look that offers to my face.

You can find the mask at Althea’s Korea website.

You can get 20% off your first order at Althea: 

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Products marked with ** were gifted, but all the opinions expressed are mine, based on personal criteria.


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