How to Spruce Up Your Home for Winter

How to Spruce Up Your Home for Winter

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The cold chill of winter will most likely result in you spending much more time indoors. As a result, you will want to enjoy a beautiful, clean and spacious interior, which will make you feel happy to be at home when the rain starts to pour, or the snow starts to fall.
If you want to transform your space this season, make sure to read the below advice on how to spruce up your home for

Eliminate Clutter

You will long to escape from your home if you’re surrounded by seemingly endless clutter. Not only does it look unsightly, but it will provide you with minimal space to move. If you want to revamp your interior this season, you must focus on decluttering every room within your home.

To do so, you could:

  • Donate, recycle or throw away items you do not want or need
  • Expand your storage solutions (additional kitchen cabinets, storage boxes, or
  • Use empty vertical space (hang your kitchen pans or add shelving)

It’s a smart decision to start within the easiest room first. Once you have ticked it off your list, tackle the second easiest room and so on to quickly free up space and improve both yours and your family’s quality of life. It will also help to mentally prepare you for the big declutter that’s last on your to-do list.


Improve Your Home’s Ambiance

As you will know, the days are short and dull throughout winter, which can zap away at your general mood. If you want to counteract a lack of sunshine, you must aim to improve your home’s ambiance to ensure you feel happy throughout the season.

Thankfully, there is a number of ways to do so. For example, you could:

  • Replace white light bulbs with a warmer tone
  • Add table and floor lamps across the home
  • Hang mirrors opposite windows to reflect natural sunlight
  • Burn a luxury scented candle from
  • Install a dimmer to alter your lighting to suit your mood

Each of the above tips can prevent you from developing Seasonal Affective Disorder, so you’ll be more than happy to curl on the sofa with a good book or movie throughout the colder months.


Add a Touch of Luxury

As you will be spending more time indoors, aim to create a luxurious, comfortable haven that will make you want to spend many hours a day in your home. However, you don’t need to invest in opulent furniture or decor to do so, as a few changes to your accessories can suffice.

For instance, you can:

  • Add a layer of luxury with a plush throw for your bed
  • Place warming slipcovers onto dining room chairs
  • Hang thick, elegant drapes to keep your family warm
  • Install lavish chandeliers for a touch of sophistication

It’s a simple yet easy way to spruce up your home this winter, as it will make your interior feel stylish, comfortable and warm.

Improving your home doesn’t need to be a difficult feat. Once you have decluttered every room, enhanced the ambiance, and added a splash of luxury into your interior design, you’ll never want to venture outside your home again when the days start to get longer.

How would you spruce up your home for winter? Let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. Elizabeth O
    February 19, 2019 / 10:23 pm

    I love candles and bright lights that give a calming ambiance in my home. Lighting can make a difference in a space for sure.

  2. March 2, 2019 / 2:32 pm

    These are such great tips! Especially eliminating clutter. It’s so overwhelming and makes me feel stressed out. Of course I always love my candles!

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