The True Luxury Behind a Louis Vuitton Bag

The True Luxury Behind a Louis Vuitton Bag

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Louis Vuitton is among the most sought-after designer bags in the world. Louis Vuitton makes expensive bags that only the wealthy can easily buy. The most expensive LV bag goes for $55,000 and the cheapest goes for $800. This designer bag gives anyone who owns one a sense of pride and class. Here are some of the reasons why this bag is considered a luxury:

1) Louis Vuitton Is a Respected Brand

Founded 165 years ago in France, the LV brand was aimed at making luxury products for the high-end class. The founder, Louis Vuitton, received gold and bronze medal awards for the quality bags he made.

LV has stood the test of time by being one of the most valuable luxury brands in the world. This brand attracts many clients, proved by the $8 billion the company made in bag sales in 2018.

The craze to own an LV bag has led to the production of counterfeits. Surveys show that only one percent of the LV bags on the market are genuine. When shopping for LV bags, it is crucial to buy from a seller known for authentic brands. Luxe It FWD is an example of a renowned seller where you can get yourself an affordable second hand, authentic Louis Vuitton bag at up to 60% off the list price when new. the-true-luxury-behind-louis-vuitton-bag

2) How The Bags Are Made

By the time an LV bag hits the retail shelves, it has to go through 100 stages of production. This process takes about a week for regular bags and two weeks for custom-made LV bags. These designer bags have treated PVC and layers of monogram canvas as the cover material. The trims of most LV bags are leather reinforced with a checker pattern and the LV logo.

3) The Bags Are Highly Durable

The bags come with a highly durable and sturdy canvas. This canvas is coated to prevent UV light rays that cause fading. There are many types of LV bags on the market, and each goes through endurance testing. Also, they have unmatched quality since they are water and fireproof. Buying an LV bag is an investment that is worth the cost.

4) They Are Lighter Than Most Designer Bags

Since PVC is a material used in LV bags, it makes it lighter than most designer bags. The lightweight makes it easy to carry without straining your back or shoulders. This bag brand is suitable for anyone with a back problem.

5) LV Bags Are Unique

Louis Vuitton makes bags that are one of a kind. That is why they are the envy of other designer brands. They have limited editions, and some are innovation to classic designs. LV bags never go out of style you can rock your 2010 LV bag today and turn heads.

6) LV Bags Never Go On Sales

Louis Vuitton appeal to a class of people who buy without checking the price tags. They are like art pieces that can never go on a discount. LV takes all the bags not purchased from the shelves at the end of each year and burn them. This way, they will not have to lower the bags price.

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    Very interesting to read Hélene- I’ve always found them lovely but very difficult to match, I always feel i cannot wear prints while wearing them.

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