Living Coral in your bedroom

Living Coral in your bedroom

Living Coral in your bedroom-interior design ideas and inspirations

After the refreshing Greenery and the intensive Ultraviolet, it’s time for the unusual hue of Living Coral. The color was selected by Pantone Institute specialists from among 16 candidates (12 intense and 4 soft ones). Living Coral is used in interior design, fashion industry, or even hairdressing to create various eye-catching projects that inspire creativity. Pantone’s color goes well with gray, black, dusty rose, blue, and white. How to arrange a bedroom using Living Coral? Here are some ideas.

Lively life of Living Coral or enough is enough!

When arranging a bedroom with coral accessories, remember that the hue is usually very intense and expressive. In private interiors, decorations should be softer. Use it sparingly as a complementary or contrastive color. When designing an interior use the 70-20-10 rule (where 70% of the space is decorated with a dominating soft color, 20% with a complementary and 10% with a contrastive one.) Living Coral can also be softened with white accents. Darker decorations will enhance its effect.

living-coral-in-your-bedroomAt you’ll find charming floral designs and much more.

The most fashionable Living Coral interior decorations

The light hue of Living Coral will look great when combined with heavier decorative elements such as gold-plated brass wall panels. Modern designers often experiment with wall colors. They also reject the notion that ceilings have to be white or cream-colored. Living Coral can be used both for the ceiling and the wall behind the bed. A wall mural for bedroom will be a a perfect solution because it works brighten a darker interior exceptionally well.


If you want your bedroom to look modern without refurbishing it permanently, you can use small Living Coral lamps as well as fluffy pillows and designer posters depicting isometric graphics or photorealistic drawings showing cross-sections of various devices, e.g. the lamp or the camera. These types of decorations are great for interiors which serve both as bedrooms and workrooms. When buying a wall mural for bedroom (you can check out limitless possibilities here) or a poster, remember that modest designs look better in smaller rooms while bigger ones suit larger spaces.
Other possible Living Coral decorations which don’t require commitment include: cactuses with colorful flowers, thin painted nets with lights, a retro style newspaper holder, a mirror with a golden coral frame, or a candlestick in similar colors.


Living Coral and interior design styles

This fashionable hue goes well with different interior design styles, from boho chic and boho scandi to minimalist and French styles. However, it isn’t suitable for the glamour style and pop art interiors. Their specific Modrianesque color schemes simply clash with Pantone’s color of the year. Similarly, traditional Provençal or English interior, as well as some romantic interiors (especially the retro ones) don’t welcome Living Coral either. That being said, contemporary designers like to experiment with arrangement styles. They supplement them, adding new colors to the palettes associated with a given style. It’s an idea worth considering when designing e.g. an industrial style bedroom.

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