Five things to know about sweep results

Five things to know about sweep results

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Gambling is not just a way to earn money. If that is your sole reason for participating in these games, then you need to change your perspective. You should see it as fun. Whether you win or lose money, you should see it as fun. Today, there are many online platforms, such as, that give punters the opportunity to earn money through prediction.

One of the most popular ones is the sweep. You have to purchase a ticket first. The vouchers feature a combination of digits. After that, you will have to wait for the announcement of results.

If you already have the ticket and you want to understand about sweep results, here are five exclusive things you should know.

1. You have a chance to win

Many people will neglect to buy such a ticket because they want to avoid wasting money. However, you still have an opportunity.

Though the chances of winning are thin, you have to be confident that you can still be a winner. All you have to do is spare a few dollars, and you could stand a chance to win. 

Many people who won never thought they could. Even if you miss to earn the amount, you can get consolation prizes for second and third position and other consolation prizes.

2. Stay alert

After the tickets providers sell out the tickets, you have to wait for the results. Many websites suggest that you should remain within Singapore borders to get the results.

However, there is also an email option. It means that once you subscribe to a website, the company can send you the announcements to your inbox.

Avoid traveling because you could miss the results announcement while you are away. Announcements, on that note, take place once a month.

3. No tax for locals

The good thing about the sweep results is that they allow all kinds of people to take part in the game as long as they are within Singapore borders.

Another benefit with this game is that the government does not impose taxes on the winner-whether the amount is large or small.

You will receive the whole amount as announced. On the other hand, you may have to pay some tax if you want to cross borders.


4. Do not lose the ticket

People, sometimes, can be careless. They will lose the ticket, and little do they know, that it can block you from receiving payments.

You can note the digits on the ticket somewhere, but do not lose at whichever cost.

Note that, most companies ensure that the ticket looks attractive, which could also lessen the probability of losing it.

5. When can you pick your prizes?

You have to practice patience after the announcement of the results. It takes some days before one could withdraw the money.

Most websites have a reason for this delay, one of them being a matter of national security. For people who won 5,000 dollars going downwards, you can withdraw the amount from any branch.

You have to go to the main branch to claim your prize if it exceeds 5,000 dollars. Be sure to carry your passport and ID with you.

Final remarks

Take your time when choosing combinations. It increases your chances of winning the main prize, which should be your target every time you participate in the lottery.

What do you think of the sweep games? Let us know in the comment section below.

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