Five tips for starting a vlog

Five tips for starting a vlog

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So, you want to start a vlog? There are many who have seen just how enjoyable, not to mention profitable having a vlog can be. Maybe you do not know just how to begin a vlog. This tutorial from Dreambloggers is a good start if you are really serious about starting a vlog. Also, check the list below for more tips you can do to have a successful vlog. 

1. Choose a specific niche

There are so many things you can vlog about. While you can always start with just vlogging about your daily life, eventually, you will want to choose a specific niche. It can be something that you are passionate about, such as fashion or traveling. Others focus on unboxing toys, while others even vlog about their reactions to music and video game releases. Write down things you are interested in and choose from there. Don’t try to focus on a niche that you don’t see yourself talking about after a few months or you will not be motivated to vlog about it.


2. Be consistent

With so many vloggers bringing out content every day, your followers need to know that they can rely on you to consistently bring them content. While we know that vlogs can take time to conceptualize, shoot and edit, you can always give them teasers. Some vloggers do not only use YouTube but also have other social media accounts so that they can still communicate with their followers even without uploading a new vlog.

3. Focus on bringing out quality content

There are probably thousands or even hundreds of thousands of vlogger from all over the world. That means you need to stand out from the rest so that others will come to your vlog. If you are really serious in making a career out of vlogging, you need to invest in a good quality camera. There’s nothing worse than watching a poorly shot vlog that is blurry and unclear. You should also learn how to edit properly, how to put music and the like to make it more entertaining for your viewers. So that you are not in a hurry to bring out content, make sure you have at least 5  vlogs before you post your first one. This allows you more time to think of what to shoot next and not be pressured.


4. Engage with the public

Do not be a snob when it comes to your followers. Reply to comments, especially those that leave positive comments. Read through your comments and consider if they leave suggestions for your future vlogs. This will let followers know that you are valuing their opinions too.

5. Partner up with other influencers to make yourself known

For those just starting, a good way of getting yourself more followers is collaborating with other vloggers. Maybe you have a friend or you can just ask another vlogger if you can shoot a video with them. If shooting a video is not possible, something as simple as a shout out can still be helpful.

What do you think about vlogging? Let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. Geniussr
    April 20, 2019 / 8:16 am

    These are some great tips about starting a vlog… very well explained…thanks for sharing…❤️

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