What To Do If You Have A Car Accident

What To Do If You Have A Car Accident

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Car accidents are frightening, and whether an injury occurs or not, they can still be traumatic long after the event, let alone at the time. There are some important things that you will need to do if you are ever in this unfortunate situation. Staying calm – not being angry even if it is someone else’s fault – is the best thing you can do, as then you will be able to go through each step, in turn, ensuring that you have all the relevant information and have done
everything that needs to be done.what-to-do-have-car-accident

Obtain Details

There are a number of different claims that can be made after a car accident including insurance claims and any claims for whiplash or other injuries through the-compensation-experts.co.uk. In order to take any claim any further, you will need all of the other party’s contact details.

Don’t worry about feeling anxious about speaking to them; even if they are angry or seem upset, they will want your details just as you want theirs, so it is wise to swap those details sooner rather than later. You don’t want to forget this step in all the confusion that can occur after an accident like this.

You will need their full name, their address, their phone number, and their insurance details too. It’s useful to have a pad and pen in your car at all times, as well as your insurance documents, just in case there is a problem. Take a look around for any witnesses and take their contact details too; they can be useful if you need to have someone back up what happened.


Take Photographs

Today, thanks to modern technology and the fact that the majority of us have smartphones with cameras, it is easy to take photos of any damage that has occurred not only to your car, but to any other vehicles involved, as well as any property such as fences or buildings or street lighting, for example. You can also take photos of street signs and the position that the cars were in when they struck.

Images like this can be useful to keep in mind what happened. Although you may think you’ll never forget the incident, over time memories – even traumatic ones – can fade, or become confused. The more photographic evidence there is, the better.


Seek Medical Attention

Even if you don’t think that you – or anyone else – has been injured, seeking medical attention is still a good idea. Speak to a doctor about the collision and what happened, and they will be able to check you over. It may be that you are perfectly fine, but there could also be underlying problems that don’t manifest right away. Therefore, getting checked out to ensure that you are fit and well is imperative.

Sometimes injuries will be more obvious and will require emergency care, in which case you should, of course, call for an ambulance. If the injuries are not severe and you can make your own way to the hospital, then that can be a better option; it frees up an ambulance for an emergency case, and it could help you more quickly.

Have you ever had a car accident? What did you do? Let us know in the comment section below.

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