Personal development: when does it become critical?

Personal development: when does it become critical?

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Personal development can come at any point in someone’s life. Whether you decide to put yourself on the mend after a bad breakup or are recovering after a larger life shake-up, looking after yourself is always important. However, sometimes, it can take more than just a day out at a spa resort to work through ongoing issues. If you suspect this may be the case, what are the warning signs?

When it intrudes on your day-to-day life

One easy way to tell if you need to start bringing some attention to your own personal development is when your habits or self-destructive thoughts start to intrude in on your day-to-day life. If you can’t sit at your desk without experiencing intrusive thoughts, or needing to nip out for a cigarette break, it could be time to initiate a change. If you long for the days when you could concentrate, not feel overwhelmed or live life seamlessly on a day-to-day basis, this is a good indicator that it is time to get some help or guidance.


When fun seems to escape you

One sign that you might not expect to suggest a time for change is a lack of enjoyment in your favorite activities. Did you use to paint all the time? Could you not live without a weekly run? If you find yourself relinquishing activities you once loved, this may be a sign that you need some help or guidance.

Addiction has stepped in

It is only natural that, as a human being, we look for alternative methods to cope with a tough phase of our life. For some, this comes in the form of yoga or finding a higher belief, but we are all different, and sometimes that can take the form of addiction. There is no shame in accessing recovery or drug detox programs for your addiction, as it shows you are learning to put yourself first. Whether you are in need of alcohol detox treatment or would prefer to check yourself into a drug detox center, it is important that you do what is right for you.


Loss of eating and sleeping

Loss of appetite and a disrupted sleeping pattern may be two major indicators that it’s time to focus on you. These are two features of daily life that are instrumental in ensuring you have regulated blood sugar, an even mood, and that you can concentrate and function effectively. Without both of these, you will only add to the vicious circle of feeling tired and worn out. If you’ve noticed a decline in either of these, talk to your doctor or practitioner for advice.

Personal development becomes critical when we find it impossible to function on a daily basis, or we start to notice unhealthy behaviors setting in. As well as the bigger and more urgent needs, such as seeking help, you can also make a huge difference with small reforms. Eating well, having a clear-out, and giving yourself a pleasant space to live in are small changes that can aid the bigger solutions.


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    I believe in living life to the fullest. It is too beautiful to ruin it in any form. Surviving a bad time can be a challenge. Things that are beyond repair should be left behind. Great post Helene. 🙂

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