Little Known Travel Perks That Come With the Use of Credit Cards That You Could Be Taking Advantage Of

Little Known Travel Perks That Come With the Use of Credit Cards That You Could Be Taking Advantage Of

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Traveling locally or overseas for business or on holiday requires funds to make purchases, explore, and eat local foods. You are at will to carry either cash or their credit card to finance your trip. Still, many travelers prefer using a credit card considering benefits such as insurance, better travel services, convenience, and safety. Below is more information on the unknown benefits of using your credit card while traveling: 

1. Free Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is necessary for travel contingencies such as medical emergencies, accident cover, lost baggage, and travel delays. You need coverage just in case you face any of these setbacks during your trip. Still, paying for personal travel insurance is costly, but using a credit card can save you from these expenses. Some credit card providers offer free travel insurance to their clients. According to Simon Sule, the Managing Director of Credit Card NZ, in most cases, complimentary travel insurance that comes with credit cards are just as good as a standard multi-trip annual travel insurance that you get from an insurance provider and in some cases even better. As a credit card owner, you should take advantage of this cover by taking your card with you whenever you travel.

2. Travel Services and Assistance

Some credit card companies offer travelers services like access to private airport lounges and a concierge. Other benefits include simplified travel arrangements, among others, for tours, restaurant reservations, accommodation, and rental cars. You may also receive a refund for parking, seat selection, and baggage check fees. In case you need assistance, e.g., to trace lost baggage or reference to a doctor or lawyer, you can contact the company for assistance.


3. Convenient In Making Reservations

Technology has changed the way traveler’s book flights, hotels, tours, and other activities. Most of these activities are reserved exclusively online with credit card payment. Online booking saves travelers from the hustle of finding accommodation and transportation once they arrive. Using your credit card helps you make reservations early enough for a peaceful and simplified trip.

4. Better Conversion Rates

Traveling overseas mandates you to convert your finances to the destination’s currency. Many travelers are unaware that converting in cash costs them more than using a credit card. The cost reduction is because card companies offer zero or reduced foreign transaction rates. For this reason, using your credit card will save you from high exchange fees.

5. Safer Than Cash

Using credit cards for travel will reduce the chance of losing money. Some travel destinations are not secure, and carrying lots of money in such a place makes you vulnerable to theft. You might also misplace the cash, which can leave you stranded in a foreign country. Smart travelers use their credit cards to avoid being in any of these stressing scenarios. Still, make sure you inform your provider before you travel to avoid having your card flagged. In case you lose your card during your travel, contact the card company immediately to prevent unauthorized purchases.

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