Life In El Paso: Safety Tips To Keep In Mind When Living And Visiting El Paso

Life In El Paso: Safety Tips To Keep In Mind When Living And Visiting El Paso

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When hearing and writing about El Paso, Texas, the first thing that comes inside your mind is another southern cow town. Several steakhouses you can find across the county. Gone are the days of the old El Paso known for the “six-shooter capital” and a place of notorious outlaws.

Today, El Paso is attracting people to visit and live in the county. People are getting interested in recreations, cultural exposures, festivals like Hueco Rock Rodeo, and Ballonfest. The local restaurant has the accent of El Paso’s rich Mexican culture.

Like other cities in the world, El Paso has different safety risks that you need to be aware of and avoid. The typical dangers that any person should be mindful of when visiting and living in El Paso; 

  • El Paso is very hot during summer. Sometimes, it is so hot that it can be dangerous. Appliances and gadgets must have high-quality power resistors to dispel the heat and avoid accidents and danger of occurrence of fire. 
  • El Paso has grown a lot, and together with this development, is the wrong traffic. But be mindful that many car owners in El Paso are not good drivers and have no auto insurance
  • There a lot of thieves and a high rate of theft cases
  • Rattlesnakes and mountain lions are naturally living in the county. Be aware of the precautions and save the emergency contact numbers.

Despite these risks, there are best places to visit and live in El Paso;

West Side

The West Side of El Paso is perfect for people who love to live near the mountain, mall, and University of Texas at El Paso. It has a lot of restaurants and apartments right next to the beautiful mountain. 

Scenic Drive is the best part of the West Side that is located along the edge of Franklin Mountains. It is where you can see the oldest and prestigious houses. These houses are one of the best to visit landmarks in the city. It is great to visit, take photos and post on your Instagram. 

Minutes away from the Scenic is the Kern Place that showcases unique house architectures. The Kern Place is part of the Cincinnati Entertainment District.



If you love the hustling and bustling city, then Downtown is perfect for you. During Christmas holidays, the San Jacinto Plaza traditionally puts up a gorgeous Christmas tree and lights. It is ideal if you love ice skating, photography, scavengers, and party.

For sports lovers, you can cheer with the Chihuahuas baseball team. Downtown has a library and museum for avid readers and art enthusiasts. When feeling bored, there are different entertainment stages like Plaza Theatre, Tricky falls, and Abraham Chavez Theatre.


If you love the scenic view and feel of nature, Franklin Mountains and McKelligon Canyon is the best place for you. There are bars, restaurants, and other business establishments around. The homes are gorgeously designed, and you can get a great deal if you want to buy one. 

Far East Side

A perfect side to buy property because this part of El Paso is still developing and has plenty to offer. It is far from the city, but you will love the tranquility of a small-town vibe and security. 

Have you ever been to El Paso? Let us know in the comment section below.

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