Seven Home Maintenance Tips to Ensure a Safer, Healthier Home

Seven Home Maintenance Tips to Ensure a Safer, Healthier  Home

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With so much focus on interiors and how to make a home more functional and cozy, it’s easy to let home maintenance priorities slip. A lot of people forget to check that the structural properties of their home are in the best condition, especially if everything appears okay on the surface. However, it’s essential homeowners check their home regularly to ensure it’s structurally sound and safe for the whole family.
Here’s a list of home maintenance tips to make sure that your home stays the best it can be.

1. Check That Your Home Has Adequate Ventilation

Having proper ventilation in your home is important for a healthy air environment. It will also prevent structural problems such as damp which can arise from badly ventilated rooms, such as bathrooms that produce a lot of steam and condensation. If you see any evidence of damp in your home, you should double-check first that there aren’t any obstructions in regards to the ventilation to prevent further damage.
It’s also important to check that your air conditioning is working thoroughly in order to promote a healthy and cool airflow through your home when needed, double-check through the warmer months.
If you need help with any ventilation issues in your property, you should search ”professional HVAC near me” to seek contractors who can help.

2. Don’t Neglect Your Dryer

In case you didn’t already know, each time you use a dryer, a build-up of lint gets added to the vent of the machine. Not only does a build-up of lint mean that your dryer is working less efficiently, but it’s a huge fire hazard. That’s why it’s important to remove any lint build-up after each and every drying cycle and start fresh every time. It’s also a good idea to use a vacuum to get rid of any excess build-up.


3. Always Clean Out Your Gutters

Sure, it’s not a glamorous job – but it’s an important one. A build-up in gutters can cause devastating problems in the long run due to clogs, including overflowing and complete breakages. This can then lead to further issues such as roof damage or leaks, which can become costly the longer the situation is left unattended. By making gutter cleaning a regular routine, you can prevent this damage and protect your home.

4. Inspect Your Driveway for Cracks or Damage

If you have a paved area outside, particularly a driveway which you use regularly, it may succumb to cracks and holes over time – especially after the cold winter months when ice and snow can lead to cracking. To prevent damage to your car or to even prevent trips and falls when walking across the driveway, be sure to tend to any damages in the concrete, and also make it part of your regular routine to check the condition of the ground.

5. Take Care with Rodents

Not everyone wants to think about the possibility of rats, mice and other rodents somehow finding their way into a beloved home, but unfortunately, it can happen. Especially if you have a large property with cellar and attic space, and significant outdoor footage. It’s important to act on any signs of rodent activity and to double-check every once in a while even if there are no signs at all.
Rodents can make nests in the worst places, including AC units and close to electrical wiring, which could have dire consequences in regards to faults and fires.


6. Always Check the Batteries in Your Home’s Detectors

With smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, it’s imperative that you make a habit of checking and changing the batteries as often as is necessary. You could set a reminder to do this throughout the year if that helps you to better remember. Once you have fitted a new battery, be sure to hold the test button to ensure that the new battery is fitted and working correctly.
It’s also important to install detectors in all levels of your home for maximum coverage.

7. Clean Your Chimney

Having a wood-burning stove is a lovely home addition, especially during the winter. Unfortunately, having this attractive feature means you have to make it a priority to clean out your chimney at least once a year. Any sort of build-up in your chimney can lead to blockages, which can cause a smoke build-up or even carbon monoxide poisoning. A blocked chimney is also a huge fire hazard.

All of the above tips will ensure that you and your family are living in a safe and healthier home, which should be a top priority for many homeowners. Start by making these changes and checking that everything is in working order to maximize your safety today.

How do you keep your home safe and healthy? Let us know in the comment section below.

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