Biggest Slot Jackpot Wins in 2019

Biggest Slot Jackpot Wins in 2019

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We may only be halfway through 2019, but that hasn’t stopped winners from popping up so far this year. Jackpots are a big perk to real money games at Cozino that have them as a bonus feature. There have been many players that have gone down in history by walking away millionaires just from having lady luck smile on them.

Types of Jackpots

There are two broad categories that jackpots fall into and sub-categories such as network jackpots that fall within these two groups. The two main jackpot categories are fixed jackpots and progressive jackpots.

Fixed jackpots are slots that have jackpot features with a set amount of coins within them. If a fixed jackpot is won, then the slot resets the pot back to its initial amount.

Progressive jackpots are pots that increase each time the reels of the slot are spun. When a player places their bet, a percentage of it is dedicated to going into the jackpot. A progressive jackpot gets bigger and bigger until someone wins it. Once it is won, it resets to a programmed amount and then starts increasing once again as players place their bets.


2019 Jackpot Wins

There has only been two jackpot wins so far this year, but the promise of more is heavy as there are some massive jackpots on the market that are waiting for the right player to take them for a spin. One of these wins was by a clever group collaboration, and another by a lucky flight attendant.

A group effort – A group of friends vacationing in Atlantic City made a pact that they would spend an entire evening hitting the slots. They switched between the machines and made a game out of it. Somewhere during the evening one of the friends, who has chosen to remain anonymous, hit it big and won an impressive $10 million from a fixed jackpot. As agreed, the player stated that they plan to split the winnings evenly among their group of friends as it was a group idea and a group effort.

Flying High – One lucky lady had lady luck on her side as she was playing relentlessly on one machine in Las Vegas, Nevada. After whispering to the machine for luck and likely clutching a lucky rabbit’s foot while fanning herself with a four-leafed clover, the machine cashed out and rewarded the woman with a massive $21.6 million progressive jackpot. The next round on the bar must have been on her as apparently the slot that paid her out is now being referred to by her as “my slot”.

The promise of possibly walking away from a slot a millionaire is too great to pass up as these games are the most cost-effective variety of casino games in the industry. The offer of such a high potential reward and the low-risk ratio is already a great deal; throw in the chance to become a millionaire for a couple of bucks and you have got yourself a deal.

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