Three Tips to Saving Money While Doing Laundry

Three Tips to Saving Money While Doing Laundry

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With so many bills to pay in a month, you need to think creatively about how you can save money at home. If you need not go far from where you are, the laundry room is a perfect place to start. As you can see, your laundry can raise your water and electric bills to escalating heights if you are not sensitive enough of your utilities. Here are a few tips to help you look out for some savings.    

Always run a full load

Everything in the world always seems to run out, but not laundry. That is why, when you get the chance to do it, give it all you’ve got. Running a full load not only lessens your load literally but financially as well. When you run a full load every time you do your laundry, you do not save up on time only but on other costs such as water, laundry soap, and electricity. You should note that a small load of laundry uses almost the same amount of electricity as a full load. There is a benefit to piling up your laundry; you invest your time, energy, and money wisely.

Line-drying is more exciting

Dryer or no dryer, you can still save some on your bills. When the need for a dryer in your home is inevitable, there are techniques you can do to dry your laundry more efficiently. The faster you dry your clothes, the less electricity you use. Make sure that the tubes carrying the moist air from your washed linen are free of dirt and lint. It takes a longer time to dry when the air passage for the moist air is clogged because moisture is retained in the dryer drum. Also, a full-packed dryer takes longer to dry than when you leave enough space for your clothes to tumble dry. A two-thirds full dryer is an efficient dryer. But if you have the luxury of space to air-dry your laundry, there is no more economical way than this.


Your drying energy comes from the sun, which is as free as can be. Your only investment is buying the most reliable and efficient clothes drying rack for your laundry needs. You can find different kinds of clothes drying racks of all shapes, sizes, and materials in the market these days. Look for the one suitable for your load and the location you intend to place it. Taking advantage of the sun and air outside to dry your laundry can sure cut a big chunk on your electric bill. 

Cold water is always better

You should know that daily laundry is not so sensitive to temperature and cold water is even the better default setting when washing your clothes. Using cold water lowers the energy you need to wash your laundry because you don’t need extra electricity to raise the temperature setting. Detergents are also more compatible to use with cold water. You can also avoid color fading when you use cold water. You can use cold water to save up on your electric bill and also avoid shopping for new clothes as well. 

Finding smart and easy ways to save money is easy if you just look around. Now you know, there is money in your laundry. 

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