The top 4 types of property you should consider owning in retirement

The top 4 types of property you should consider owning in retirement

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Regardless of what stage you’re at in life, choosing good investments can be a tricky endeavor. However, investing in your retirement can be more challenging. Upon retirement, you need your property to be relatively free from risk and at the same time, keep up with the inflation rate. In most cases, retirees want their assets to provide income. You will also want to cut costs and minimize taxes. You cannot afford to go wrong at this point. Almost every retiree wants the money they have accumulated over their lifetime to fund their golden years. Read on to discover the top four types of property you should consider owning in retirement.

1. Home

A home is a precious asset, which is worth more than your savings. With a home, you can create long term wealth. Homes also come with a feeling of belonging to a community. When you buy a house, you get a home and a neighborhood. When renting, you cannot get this feeling since renters come and go. Homeowners tend to stick to one place. This pride allows homeowners to feel the need to improve their property and increase the value of their neighborhood.

2. Residential Property

Most retirees tend to purchase property and rent it out. You only need to have consistent tenants who can pay enough for you to cover any mortgage you have on the property. However, you have to consider the location of your property and the rental rates in the market. Residential property is a hard asset, which always has a value that appreciates over time. This property also comes with significant tax benefits. However, make sure you talk to an advisor to guide you through the tax process. You will also need to take care of any maintenance issues and deal with your tenants’ ability to pay.


3. Commercial Property 

Professionals suggest that owning commercial property is more beneficial than investing in residential. However, it can be more complicated, and you will require a more significant amount of cash outlay. The best thing about commercial property is that you can decide to either rent out or start a business. Maybe you have always dreamt of running a bookstore or any other retirement business. You can buy a commercial property to make your dream come true. Owning a commercial property will also increase your long term wealth and monthly income.

4. Vacation Property 

You can also opt to buy a vacation property and rent it out to tenants for short periods. Make sure you choose a desirable location so that you can attract renters. You could make as much money as you would from a tenant elsewhere. You can also enjoy your time there when you have no renters.

Owning property will not only increase your cash flow, but it will also build your retirement. There is a wide variety of features to consider. You can also decide to travel to the world in a motorhome. If this is the case, visit Oaktree Motorhomes for the best deal. 

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