MOT: Live Safer and Longer while driving

MOT: Live Safer and Longer while driving

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Driving a car it might be easy. However, the fact that we own a driving licence and know the car we drive doesn’t mean that we are safe enough to drive on the road. There are several elements we should pay attention to if we want to feel safe while driving, especially in big cities like Paris or London, with hundreds of cars on the road. It’s important to maintain your car and get it MOT tested for safe driving. So let’s have a better look at the facts that will help us live safer and longer while driving.

Α car in a good working condition

We can be careful drivers and never drive after we have a few drinks. We can wear our seat belt or helmet and never run too fast or pass other cars inconsiderately. However, if our car isn’t in good working condition and we don’t take a careful look at it often enough, all of the above doesn’t matter. Lights, mirrors, tyres and many other mechanical parts of the car, such as brakes, should be always in the best possible condition. Especially if you live and drive in a big city repeated car control is necessary. Now you can get professional MOT service in London from Iverson Tyres.


Driving speed

It is certain that several times during our driving life we ​​will need to press the throttle a little further to be in time for an important appointment. Unfortunately, every time we increase our driving speed, our chances of getting involved in a car accident is also increasing. That for, even when there is a very serious reason, we should not exceed the permitted speed limits. Always maintain your car engine which could be easily done if your car is MOT tested.

Safety belt and helmet

Getting MOT test done for your car ensures passenger safety. If we take a look at commercials regarding the safety belts (which we should never avoid wearing), we will clearly understand that people have been saved because they were simply wearing their safety belt or helmet. We should not, in any way, start driving without wearing our seat belt. Only in this way will we avoid disabilities, injuries and even deaths due to car accidents. The seat belts should also be worn by all the passengers sitting on the back of the car.



No matter how good a driver is, if the focus of our attention is not given completely in driving, we could cause an accident. Sometimes we are in a hurry and want to eat something in the car, other times we talk loudly or even argue with our co-passengers, we talk on the phone or we just want to refresh our make up and wear some lipstick. All these facts distract us from driving, some times without even realizing it until it’s too late.


Various studies have shown that we often exceed the permitted alcohol we can consume in case we have to drive. The truth is that even a bottle of wine or a beer can affect our ability to drive, as the fatigue or stress can overwhelm us without realizing it. In other words, alcohol and driving never go together.

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