How to Save Money on Your Beauty Routine

How to Save Money on Your Beauty Routine

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We all know how easily the items in your basket can add up when it comes to a beauty routine, and we all have our own ways of looking after our skin and feeling good. While some choose to wear minimal makeup, others love to be creative and go wild. Whatever your beauty routine and style, it can cost a lot to find good quality products that last the distance. While purchasing less expensive products is an option, it may be that the product doesn’t work as well and therefore is wasted. Here are a few tips on saving money on your beauty routine.

Find What Works for You

When looking at your beauty and skin care routine, you really need to scrutinize your makeup bag and look at what you really use and what you waste. You need to learn your skin type and find the products that work for you. This can be a little trial and error, but once you have found the products that work, there is no need to purchase any extra that won’t benefit you or your skin. If you tend to  stick to the same colors on your eyeshadow palette, look for a palette that contains just those colors – there are millions of palettes out there!


Use What You Need

Nearly everybody is guilty of using more product than is needed. This hugely comes down to skincare products and not understanding how much is needed. This can also be said for cosmetics too though, as not using the right brushes can waste products. If you’re using eyeshadows and want the pigment to stand out, consider wetting your brush first with a primer as this allows less eyeshadow to be used and can really make the color pop. Another big mistake is rubbing product into the hands or fingers before applying to the face. Apply directly onto the face, otherwise you aren’t getting the full effect of the moisturizer or serum.

Shop Savvy

Try to purchase beauty products at peak times, such as just after the holidays, as this is when the sales are usually on. Shop around, as the same products could be on sale in several different shops and online. Many online stores offer year-round discounts on brand name products; for instance, the Maple Prime beauty outlet allows you to shop for some of your favorite perfumes at a discount price. If you’re a student, look for places that give student discount, or ask one of your student friends to help you out.


Go Natural

Many products that you find on the shelves can actually be made with the ingredients in your kitchen. Next time you look at purchasing a hair or face mask, look at what ingredients are used. It may be that you can make a natural, home-made one straight from the products in your cupboard. Keep these in the fridge so they remain fresh and use it within a few days. You can either experiment with this or check out home-made beauty product tutorials online; there are thousands of different ways to go natural when it comes to beauty.

A beauty routine can cost a fortune at times, but following these tips can help you to save money and get more from your products. How do you save money on your beauty routine? Let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. December 4, 2019 / 6:13 pm

    I liked the idea of going natural because sometimes we forget its an option.

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