How Often Do You Need to Get Your Teeth Whitened

How Often Do You Need to Get Your Teeth Whitened

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Teeth discoloration is unavoidable. Some foods, drinks, and habits like smoking cause your teeth to become less white every day. At some point, you will need to visit teeth whitening melbourne or use teeth whitening products to restore your beautiful smile and confidence when speaking.  

How often you whiten your teeth is highly dependent on the type of teeth whitening treatment and products that you use. Most of the teeth whitening products in the market have different treatment plans. Besides the kind of products, teeth whitening timetables also depend on the individual. You may need to have a treatment every fortnight, while someone else may need it once a month. 

What is the extent of the staining on your teeth?

How badly stained are your teeth? This will influence the product your dentist will choose to use when whitening your teeth. If your teeth are extensively stained, the dentist may need you to come in more frequently at the beginning, then later increase flexibility on the period between treatments.


How has your lifestyle influenced the colour of your teeth?

Whitening your teeth without identifying the cause of teeth discolouration will have an impact on the frequency of teeth whitening. For example, if you consume a lot of coffee and continue to do so between teeth whitening treatments, you are unlikely to see much change. You’ll, therefore, find that you’ll need to visit your dentist frequently. If you choose to reduce the amount of coffee you consume or give it up completely, the treatment will work faster, and the dentist will increase the period between treatments.

How sensitive are your teeth?

Teeth whitening products vary in strength, and anyone interested in having a sparkling smile should use the best one for their teeth. The enamel is quite sensitive, and some people have a strong crown while others have a weak one. You must understand your teeth and the impact of teeth whitening products on them.

Some teeth whitening treatments are dangerous for your teeth, and sadly you may only notice the damage when your teeth become too sensitive. Sometimes it is best to choose a procedure that takes longer and requires several dental visits but is safe.

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