Five reasons why you should visit Croatia this year

Five reasons why you should visit Croatia this year

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Croatia is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Europe. It has some amazing sites to see, and the people are very friendly. However, like every other place in the world, you need to plan well ahead to have the best experience possible. You need a budget to help you plan out the costs of each of the specific sites that you want to visit so that you don’t have to worry about running short on money. Luckily, there are valuable sites that can help you with such journey planning. One such site is This site reviews different locations in Croatia, including the cost of accommodation and other expenses in those destinations. With the cost planning aspect taken care of, let’s now go through 5 reasons why you should visit Croatia this year. 

1. It has lots of amazing beaches

One of the things you will love about Croatia is the country’s beautiful beaches. The country has some of the best beaches in the world, and they are quite versatile. For instance, if you love the beach but hate sand, Croatia is the place for you. It has lots of small pebble beaches. For the sandy beach lovers, the country also has a lot to offer. It has shallow sandy beaches that are perfect for families with young children. One of the best sandy beaches in Croatia is Sunj Beach. It is located on Lopud Island and is quite popular with young families. The best thing about Croatia is that it has multiple beaches, which means you can always go for the less crowded one, if you fancy some privacy.


2. Sample diverse foods

Another thing you will love about Croatia is the food variety. Every region in the country has its food variety that you can sample out. The main ones you can sample out are Istrian cuisines, Dalmatian foods, and continental cuisine. The country’s foods are influenced by surrounding countries, especially Hungary and Italy. If you mainly visit the coastal areas, you will get to enjoy a variety of seafood that includes squid, prawns, and octopus among others. The country also has a host of traditional cuisine that you can try out. Some of them include lamb, and prosciutto. These foods are prepared in a uniquely Croatian way, and you will love the experience. It’s a worthy reason to visit Croatia.

3. Uniquely Croatian wines

Are you a wine person? Then Croatia is the best place to visit. The country is known for its wide variety of grapes, and the country’s wines have won awards several times. They attract the best winemakers from across the world. As a wine lover, you will get to sample wines made from up to 130 grape varieties that are native to Croatia. When you combine the chance to enjoy good wine, amazing food varieties, and the perfect beaches, Croatia becomes the perfect destination for a tourist in 2020.

4. Kayaking and boat riding

You can go kayaking or even ride a boat pretty much anywhere in the world. However, the Croatian experience is different because you do this while crossing from one island to the other, and it is a huge adventure. One of the best experiences you will ever have is riding a Kayak around the Elaphiti Islands. These islands are closely knit together and their view from the waters is simply breathtaking. The other islands that are equally breathtaking are the Solta, Pakleni and Brac Islands. These islands are easily accessible by boat and you will love the adventure of hopping between them. It’s one of the best reasons to visit Croatia.


5. Lots of beautiful parks

If nature is your thing, then you should seriously consider a trip to Croatia. The country has 8 national parks namely Mljet, Risnjak, Sjeverni Velebit, Krka, Plitvice Lakes, Kornati, and Paklenica. These parks are all-natural and are perfect for someone looking to connect with nature. You will love watching wild animals among other beauties such as rivers and the rugged terrain. Croatia’s parks are so popular with tourists that if you visit during the high season, you might find them to be a little crowded. You need to plan your trip in a way that you can fully enjoy the beauty that Croatia’s parks have to offer.

Besides the above, there are many other reasons why you should seriously consider visiting Croatia. For instance, did you know that some scenes of Game of Thrones were shot in Croatia? It would be interesting to visit the place, and get a feel of what it was like when shooting this world-famous series.

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  1. February 21, 2020 / 6:29 pm

    Croatia is next on my travel list, and now I can’t wait to visit! This country is so remarkably beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing Helene and hope you’re doing great!

    • February 23, 2020 / 7:25 pm

      It’s on my list as well! Amazingly beautiful country. Glad you liked this post Stella. Talk to you soon 🙂

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