Fun Things To Do While Inside Your Home With Your Children

Fun Things To Do While Inside Your Home With Your Children

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Sometimes you may find yourself stuck inside your home with your family. When that happens, why not turn the negative feelings you may be experiencing into something positive. You can create a fun experience for your children if you help them understand they can be in control of some of their day. Here are just a few of the many fun activities you can enjoy with them.

1. Dance

Put some music on and dance wildly as each child picks their favorite songs. Don’t be surprised if the littlest one chooses the same song repeatedly – they do that. To add variety, choose animals or events to dance your way across the room. For example, flying on a dragon or climbing a magic mountain.

2. Organize

Children love to make a mess, so why not let them get excited about helping you organize a few kitchen cupboards or a hall closet. Invite them to use pans for drums or dress up in clothing they discover. You can even tell a story as you adventure through the dark recesses of the cabinet or closet.

3. Shop

If you need a few quiet minutes, invite your children to pick an item from a virtual shopping site. They will take the adventure very seriously, so make sure you set a dollar amount before you begin the shopping trip. The virtual world allows you to find toys, books, e cigarette juice, and clothing with ease.


4. Binge

If the weather doesn’t allow for time outside and your children are growing restless, turn on the home screen, and binge-watch a favorite animation series with your little ones. After each episode, make sure to take a moment and discuss the point the characters learned. You can even pop some corn or have a picnic for extra excitement.

5. Decorate

If you have ever had a child draw on a wall, you know they love to decorate. Why not give them some sidewalk chalk and let them draw on your fence, the patio, or the front walkway. The colors will delight your children as they explain the story behind their designs, and the chalk washes away with ease. Letting the kids take turns with the water will thrill them.

You don’t have to be stressed when you are stuck inside with your children. Let your imagination run wild and invent a fun world your kids can enjoy with you. Building memories is priceless.

How do you spend your time at home with your children? Let us know in the comment section below.

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