How to Stay on Track During Quarantine

How to Stay on Track During Quarantine

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With the restricted movements and lockdowns, it is easy to adopt a sedentary lifestyle. You cannot go to the gym or for a morning run in the park. Therefore, you can lose track of your exercise routine. Luckily, you can still workout within your home’s confines with minimal equipment and stay fit. Here are seven tips to help you stay in shape during the quarantine:

1. Bodyweight exercises

Bodyweight exercises play a vital role in strengthening muscles in the body. While you may not accomplish the same goals as an intense bodybuilding session in the gym, you can still keep your body fit with a few exercises.
Bodybuilding exercises include burpees, push-ups, lunges, and squats. Push-ups improve your arm and shoulder strength, and you can start on your knees, toes, or plant your feet up against the wall. Instead of doing regular squats and lunges, you can add jumps to your workout sessions.

2. Follow online classes or use a fitness up with specific workouts

If you have trouble creating a workout routine, get online resources to help you stay in shape. You can also find online gym classes and apps with workout routines that suit your goals. For instance, on apps like 30 Day Fitness Challenge there is a specific workout on how to get rid of saddlebags, as well as many more programs and focused routines.

3. Use objects you have in the house

You do not need state of the art gym equipment to keep up your bodyweight exercises. Get creative with the items in your house and use them to improve your workouts. For instance, you can push yourself against the wall for push-ups or use a chair for squats and triceps dips. If you like lifting weights during squats, use a broomstick or containers full of water.


4. Maintain a healthy diet

Staying in the house can be stressful, and many people turn to comfort food like chocolate and ice cream. At the end of the quarantine, you will not appreciate the extra weight. It is prudent to maintain a healthy diet with adequate portions of carbs, protein and vitamins. The nutrients will also improve your health and immunity.

5. Get enough sleep

During quarantine, the stress levels can be high, making you toss and turn at night. Besides, working from home can make you work late into the night when you should be resting. Getting enough sleep not only keeps you in good shape but also improves your health. If you have trouble sleeping, you can work out before bedtime to relax and fall asleep quickly.


6. Drink enough water

Water has multiple functions in the body, from improving digestion to getting rid of toxins. Drink the recommended amount of fluids daily to stay healthy. You can add lemon to your water to give it some flavor and electrolytes.

7. Stretch regularly

It is vital to stretch before or after a workout session. It reduces the aches and pains of intense exercises. Regular stretching also improves posture, mechanical efficiency, and blood circulation in the body.

Staying indoors provides a rare opportunity to catch up on the gym sessions you missed. You can also learn new workout routines from online groups and achieve your fitness goals.

So, how do you stay on truck during quarantine? Let us know in the comment section below.

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