Why renting a car in Ireland is a good idea

Why renting a car in Ireland is a good idea

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Ireland is famous for its phenomenal castles, picturesque countryside and musical culture. If you’re planning to visit Ireland for a few days, hiring a rental car will facilitate your movements with remarkable ease. Renting a vehicle in Ireland provides a number of benefits. For instance, you’re likely to save some money and travel to the most remote places when you’re using a rental car. 

Before renting a car, take a look at these car rental tips that provide some helpful insights. It’s essential to examine the vehicle’s condition before driving off with it. Also, check the rental prices beforehand to avoid getting charged extra cash. 

Here are five reasons why renting a car in Ireland is a good idea:

1. Rentals are flexible and cost-effective

Driving through Ireland with a rental car provides remarkable freedom of movement. You can make as many stops as you desire. You can enjoy the fascinating monuments situated in Dublin, visit the Rock of Cashel and relish the eye-catching cliffs of Moher – all in the same day. Getting a rental car is also a cost-effective option if you’re travelling as a group since you can split the cost. In addition, you can afford the luxury of booking an inexpensive hotel that is situated further away from the city.

2. Car rentals are safe and convenient

Ireland has one of the friendliest and funniest people in the world – most Irish natives even believe in the existence of fairies! Tourists who visit the country are usually impressed by how diverse, liberal and well-humored the natives are. Unsurprisingly, driving a rental is extremely safe in Ireland. Road safety is strictly observed and speed limits adhered to. In towns, drivers are limited to 50 km/h. Don’t forget to carry your driving license when preparing for your Ireland trip.


3. They are comfortable

Rental cars provide outstanding comfort and convenience. In fact, they’re far more comfortable than other modes of public transportation such as trains and buses. You won’t have to worry about getting ample space for your luggage since most rental cars have huge storage boots. Ireland is famous for its narrow winding roads that can make your drive quite bizarre. To optimize your cruise comfort, ensure that your rental is well-maintained and in good condition. Conduct some research to understand how much you’ll need to pay for a car rental when you finally arrive in Ireland.

4. You can rent a vehicle that suits your budget

Although driving through the scenic Ireland routes with your loved ones sounds like fun, it’s important to spend within your budget. That’s another reason why renting a vehicle is a good idea. You can conveniently choose a car that fits into your expenditure. You can visit Killarney National Park, check out the Ring of Kerry and even drop by the English Market in Cork with much ease. However, it’s probably wise to book your rental car at least three months before your trip. This will provide you with a wider variety of rentals to choose from.

These benefits highlight why renting a car in Ireland is definitely a great idea.

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