11 Underrated Fashion Tips You Need to Know

11 Underrated Fashion Tips You Need to Know

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Sometimes, it just seems as if everything seems to come together: our outfit looks great, our hair and makeup are perfect, and we just feel as if we’re looking our best. But alas, those days are few and far between. Fortunately, there are things we can do that can push us looking our best on a more regular basis; indeed, every single day! It’s all about knowing the small fashion tips that can nudge things in the right direction. By implementing a few simple changes, we can greatly improve our style. In this post, we’ll take a look at 11 underrated tips that most people don’t think about, but which everyone should know.  

Comfortable Doesn’t Mean Good

We all have our favorite items of clothing. These are the ones that we’ve had for years, and in which we feel comfortable. However, though we can feel “like ourselves” in these items of clothing, it’s also true that they could be having a negative impact on our appearance. Clothes lose their color and gain other imperfections over time, which greatly reduces the appearance and quality of our outfits. Sometimes, it’s recommended to retire your clothing from public life. Invest in new clothes — they won’t feel as comfortable straight away, but they will in time! 

Pay a Little More

Nobody wants to spend more money than necessary. However, there is an additional cost if you’re only buying the cheapest option available. It might seem like a good deal, but the quality will be a lot inferior to other options. When it comes to clothing, it’s best to go for quality rather than quantity. It’s better to buy one high-quality item rather than three or four lower-quality items. Besides not looking as good, the other issue with cheaper options is that they don’t last as long. So actually, you end up spending more money on clothes. If you spend, say, 25% more than you normally do, then you’ll find that you’re able to get a nicer item of clothing that lasts longer. Perfect! 



Dress for The Occasion

You might have an outfit that you know that you look excellent in, but that doesn’t mean that you should wear it all the time. One of the most underused fashion tips is: dress for the occasion! What is appropriate for a relaxed summer’s day will not automatically be appropriate for a gathering with friends. So when you’re putting together your wardrobe, think about all the different types of events you’ll need to dress for. Even a great outfit can lose its charm if you turn up to an event and find that you’re under-dressed. 

From the Ground Up

We don’t always have time to put together a great outfit. Sometimes, we’ll just need to quickly get dressed and head out of the door. One of the best ways to make sure that you always look good (or at least don’t have an off style day) is to dress from the ground up. If you have high-quality items for your feet and legs, then you’ll be in a good position. Indeed, taking care of this area of your body can give you a little more freedom when it comes to the top part of your body. 

A Little Bit of Boldness

If there’s one crime that too many people are guilty of, it’s playing things too safe when it comes to their clothing. Nobody wants to get things wrong, sure, but there should always be a little bit of space for boldness in your outfit. Indeed, only a “little bit” will be enough — things can get messy pretty quickly if an outfit is over-complicated. So look at adding a daring color or a unique piece to your wardrobe; it’ll help to take your sense of style to the next level and make it more interesting. This is actually a pretty good method for finding your own style. You can start with one item of clothing that is slightly bolder, and then slowly progress — it won’t be long before you’ve got yourself a sense of style!


The Accessories

Your clothes will do a lot of the work, but they won’t do all of the work, at least not all of the time. One way to take your outfit to the next level is to add some fashionable accessories to your wardrobe. Indeed, if you’re looking to make your style a little more bold, as recommended above, then this is a great way to do it. You can add a colorful glove and scarf set relatively risk-free, after all. As well as those seasonal winter and summer accessories, also taking another look at the permanent additions, such as your glasses. These aren’t “accessories” exactly, since they’re primarily functional, but they can also boost your style. Rather than wearing any old glasses, get a fashionable pair from https://eyeglasses.com instead. If you’re a glasses wearer, then this is one of the quickest and most effective ways to improve your appearance. 

Classic Wardrobe Pieces

It’s a good idea to stay on top of the fashions and trends, but you shouldn’t be a slave to them. Trends come and go, but style lasts forever. There are some items of clothing that will always be in style; they were there in the past, they’re here now, and they’ll be around in the future. So make sure you’ve got them in your wardrobe. Looking for inspiration? Here are a few items that you’ll want to have: a high-quality winter coat, a little black dress, and boots. These can be a little expensive, sure, but consider them an investment — you’ll have them for years. 

Moving With The Times

Whether we like it or not, time moves on. There’s just no stopping it. While you should always keep the playfulness and curiosity of youth in your life, you shouldn’t dress like you’re eighteen for the rest of your life. When you’re taking a look at your wardrobe, think about whether the items you have reflect where you’re at in life. It can actually be quite empowering to cast off the clothing of your youth and move into wearing more adult clothing.


Play Around With Your Clothes

Most of us have a pretty simple formula when it comes to adding clothes to our wardrobes: we go to the store, see what we like, buy, and then wear. That’s what you’ll do the bulk of the time, but there should also be space for other methods too. For example, what about DIY clothing? This is easier than you might think and is an excellent way to breathe some new life into your old pieces. You might just find that you can create a unique, standout piece just by getting a little creative. 

Proper Care

All clothes have an expiration date. This is when they’ve been used for a long time, and they’ve begun to lose their quality. But you can influence when that day arrives, just by taking proper care of your clothes. When it comes to washing, read the label! The information is there for a reason. There are correct and incorrect ways to store your clothing, too.

Rocking the Look

Finally, the number one style tip: rock your look! If you’ve put effort into looking your best, then walk tall and proud. There’s nothing that looks better than pure confidence; indeed, it’s the one thing that’s always guaranteed to turn heads. It’ll take your outfit to the next level and help increase your happiness too! 

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