Where can I buy the best handmade face masks?

Where can I buy the best handmade face masks?

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The corona-virus brought with it new safety regulations that everyone must adhere to in order to, to protect themselves and their loved ones. To help combat and further stop the spread of the corona-virus, wearing a face mask that is of the best quality is important. Masks come in handy in situations and places where social distancing can be difficult, for example in stores and public transport systems. 

Entomologists accept that while face masks can essentially block droplet transmission, low-quality handmade face masks can allow some viral droplets to seep through them when you cough or sneeze. With so many handmade face masks available in the market, many are left wondering which ones are of the best quality. Below is a look at where you can buy the best and quality handmade face masks.


Etsy is one e-commerce website with a wide collection of face masks with different prints and designs to choose from that meets all the requirements. Most have been made from a quality, woven material and are double-layered. They are also available in different sizes, both for adults and kids for a better fit. If you are a lover of styles and colors you can choose from the varying designs to determine one that fits your dressing code. However, please note that most of the face masks on Etsy sell out quite fast so once you spot a face mask you like, buy it immediately.


Sofree Creations

Sofree creations have a collection of face masks that have been creatively handcrafted for your convenience and safety. Most of their masks are made from quality cotton and skin-friendly fabrics that are well sewn, fit better and are quite comfortable to wear. The material quality makes them quite durable and can therefore withstand repeated washings. The presence of a filter pocket where you can insert a filter through the slit is also a major plus. They also have combo versions which include a face mask + wrist wallet, which adds a perfect stylish touch to your look. Shop super affordable and stylish handmade face masks at Sofree Creations online today.


Reebok is a well-known brand and a great option if you are a sports person that wants to incorporate a sporty look. From the making of activewear, Reebok now makes handmade face masks. Their classic face masks which have ear loops and are engraved with the Reebok logo and can easily stretch around your ears fitting easily. They have two layers of recycled polyester making the mask more breathable than others. However, due to the brand’s popularity, their face masks tend to run out of stock pretty fast so it’s always best to buy once they are in stock.


Caraa has a wide range of comfortable, well-fitting and breathable made with a filter pocket, two layers of cotton and adjustable ear loops. If you are passionate about donations, you can purchase a pack of five reusable face masks at $25. Through your payment contribution, Caraa will donate a pack of five face masks to the New York State’s COVID-19 Response Fund.

Custom Ink

Custom Ink makes face masks from 95% cotton and 5% spandex. The masks are breathable and you can also customize your desired own design if you wish.

Before buying any mask remember that most cotton face masks that are machine washable and might be the most comfortable. After buying a washable face mask, always wash it before putting it on and after wearing it.

Where do you buy handmade face masks? Let us know in the comment section below.

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