“YouCom Media have worked with the Lifestyle, Beauty and Make Up blog www.beautifulismyattire.com for several years since 07 October 2016 and find them to be very professional and relevant to their audience and those of their sponsors. Helene and her team are MUA qualified showing a high degree of expertise for their products and industry sector. During COVID-19, there were frequent blog posts about keeping fit during quarantine or eating healthy during lockdown as well as topical updates on neighbourly deliveries of food and support. This blog is one to bookmark for your lunchbreak.

Beauty is My Attire has a refreshing style of writing with engaging imagery and a light friendly style starting with the “Hello Everyone!” greeting on some posts. The slideshow homepage has high resolution imagery that you can click-through to the post itself.

Our advertiser’s brands are very well represented on this blog with such descriptive talent and high definition photography (the 2020/05/15 post photo of oranges makes the mouth water). The Beauty is my Attire staff have yet to miss a deadline and are very responsive to changing client requirements. Helene understands brand marketing very well making this blog the professional partner we would choose for sponsored blog writing, product reviewing and brand Influencer work. Beauty is My Attire has a high domain authority in excess of 30 and high page authority with good social shares. They demonstrate a sound understanding on how to engage an audience. A recommended partner.”

Matt Roberts
Head of Direct Response
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